"Somehow I've figured out how to find myself within the opportunities to work on and contribute towards the things I've been inspired by, dreamt about or just wondered on. Across film, technology, games, brand, music, exhibit, education, and the tectonic merges in between those experiential spaces, story-centric thinking and intelligent design have been a waypoint to places beyond my own imagination.

Whatever this thing is gotten me to this point, I see it as a gift and curse sometimes, but I can't think of any other things I'd rather do, so let's see where it takes us."

As a contributor, producer, and lead, working amongst some truly brilliant and unique people across a spectrum of talents, skills, and disciplines for a variety of industries, mediums, and spaces, I'm fortunate in continuing my learning and growing through the diverse experiences, some lofty and even foolhardy, but just keep it moving through the challenges and rigors of purpose-driven creation -