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Synergis Education / Tesla / Wired / USC

Disruptive Innovation



A unique digital education course with Synergis education in partnership with Tesla Motors & Wired Magazine for a flagship online course exploring disruptive innovation and technology first launching through the University of Southern California (USC) online education portal.

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Digital Course

Learning to be Disruptive with the best.


Synergis Education partners with non-profit traditional colleges and universities to help expand their student bases partnering to develop and deliver onground, online and hybrid degree programs to better serve the growing non-traditional, adult learner population.

In 2014, Synergis partnered with the University of Southern California digital education portal in offering an online course focusing on disruptive innovation featuring Tesla Motors, along content provided by Wired Magazine.


Dynamic Course Materials

Digital course content development and e-learning materials accessible across multiple online platforms including desktop/laptop, and emphasis on lightweight presentation via mobile and tablet devices.



Web Timeline

Interactive timeline and class questionnaire outlining specific breakthrough innovations that were pivotal throughout the greater course of history. 



Digital case studies and featurettes

Highlighting Tesla design, business, engineering, and CEO/product architect Elon Musk and powered by Wired Magazine's content and media archives.




Synergis Education

Directors: Chris Valadez, Sunny Gagliano
Interactive Art Director: Dan Dejos
Development: Reinhardt Suarez, Dan Dejos

Presenting Sponsors

Tesla Motors, Wired Magazine

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