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Ultimate Ears & Djarum



Broadcast art direction and commercial spot design for a strangely familiar & most wonderful creative production and VFX studio.


Ultimate Ears

Let the Good Times Roll

Spot showcasing Ultimate Ears' Roll2 series of waterproof portable speakers featuring vibrant, music-inspired animated graphics and lively visual treatments. Now can someone point me to pool party?


exploratory designs & style frames

From Retro-futuresque to hyperdimensional to manga style visualizations intended to highlight the four styles of the Roll's speaker designs.




Strange & Wonderful

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde
Producer: Celeste Hyde
VFX & Animation Lead: Austin Hochstatter
Art Direction & Design: Dan Dejos
Compositing & Animation: Morgan Fromme, Paul Barkshire, Jake Adler
Camera Op: Ryan Hills


Black Series

So yeah, upon the initial reviewing of the directional scripts, I had the impression was that Djarum was unveiling their new spicy Southeast Asian chewing gum label celebrating sriracha fiery feels and gasolina lifestyle. Well, it turns out that tobacco product marketing in Indonesia is just as indirectly confusing (and sometimes awkward) as any other legal drug stateside such as boner pills or pain suppressants. However, these pair of spots to lead their Black Series steez actually came out kinda fresh and certainly had a few folks poppin and lockin' in Jakarta & Bali. Super.



In all honesty, this project was actually kinda lit up and pretty fun, as the initial process consisted of us ping-ponging impromptu dance and Tai-Chi skills to articulate the moves and laser interactions within the neon netherworld. It looked way more like us replicating a scene from Beavis & Butthead, but fortunately for us, the exceptionally talented dancers here in the spots along with the post production folks in the studios, made it come to life and look far more impressive. Thank you guys. Thank you.


process frames & Design



USA Team

Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde
Producer: Celeste Hyde, Olivia Green
Art Direction & Design: Dan Dejos

Asia Team

Agency: Arcade
Production: Omni Films, Indigo Production Co. Ltd
Executive Producer: Jamie Popham
Director of Photography: Mate Toth