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Innovations group focusing on the exploration of newly emerging technology & exposing innovative trends or applications for the world's leader in visual content.


the future is unwritten_

— Joe Strummer


AI, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, block-chain, and cat memes have almost taken over almost every technology avenue and conversation. Well, maybe not the cat-memes. The future is here my friends and definitely exciting times for sure, but how do you bridge a company's rich creative past, with it's enormous presence in the here in the now, to consider the possibilities of it's own future? I don't know for sure, but that's why you explore, learn, try, fail, try again, and keep pushing...

From research and analysis to design and development to actual deployment, we were successful in launching multiple experimental and exploratory projects, developing them into fully viable platforms and potential avenues to further activate Getty's extensive libraries of media content across photo, video, illustration, audio, and to directly engage, empower, and delight their broadening audiences even further.


Web VR

360 Playground


Web VR



HELLO Proto!

A completely web-based VR platform allowing any user to customize and publish their own immersive stories and virtual experiences utilizing the world-leading wealth of Getty's 360 media & digital content or your own personal captures and creations. 

(Best Viewed in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Mobile)


Even many of the World's leaders and visionary pioneers within virtual and mixed reality have acknowledged that the bridge to getting the masses into those spaces is through the phones (and fingers) of the global mobile audience.

With that in mind and with all the major VR/MR players dedicated to establishing their hardware user base for the future, it was our focus to offer a simpler (and far more cost effective) means for new audiences curious about VR to quickly jump into the space and just create, play, and share their own stories and experiences. With access to Getty's vast collections of 360 stills/video, 2D creative assets, as well as their own downloaded or captured content, immersive VR publishing immediately accessible to anyone with a modern laptop and/or desktop.

To minimize the friction and eliminate the intimidation of learning new software or any coding at all to compose or customize user content, an intuitive native online editor allows users to leverage their own familiarity in simply uploading digital content as they normally would on other digital or social platforms. 

Maximizing usability to go beyond pioneering developers or savvy designers was focal and the ability to create and publish stories quickly for even quicker sharing was ideal to attract and appeal to the shortening attention spans across digital space. 


From an early prototype with potential to a practical platform
for any & all


Initial experiences offered everything from virtual art tours, technology education, breaking news/information updates, fashion & awards show coverage, environment/wildlife, architectural & travel editorials, fantasy & pop-culture. These first exploratory test cases allow users in getting up and personal with the Mars Rover, touring the breathtaking St.Peter's Basilica or Palau De Musica, marveling at the heights of global architectural wonders Azady Tower or Dongdaemun Stadium, observing the heavens and constellations in rare clarity, visiting the world's most secluded coral reefs, getting absorbed into the works of Yayoi Kusama, and of course joining Katy Perry & One Direction on the red carpet, along with many more interactive stories.


exploration, process, & development


Initial Demo - "Celebritorial" Live Event Editorial





CINO/Executive Lead: Steve Heck
Engineering & Development Leads: Andy Laird, Rafael Miller
Engineering: Ernesto Hernandez, Jeff Gayle, Sarah Trowbridge
Design and Experience Lead: Dan Dejos
UX & UI Design: Lauren Wheelright, Richard Saguin
Product Manager: Laine Kokas
Web Development: Thomas Vaeth


Getty Images Messaging Meme Extension

making Getty’s consumer and social content weirder & stickier than ever.

What initially started as a couple test launches of an iMessage extension and a few packs on the Apple's newly opened sticker market, quickly grew into exposing a new means for GI to directly serve and engage the Socialverse across multiple OS platforms and digital communities. Working swiftly in activating existing assets buried in our archives and releasing them specially for the iconographically inclined and visually viral nature of mobile communication directly to iOS' iMessage, Viber, and Line, our sticker packs caught fire and quickly receiving multiple features on the App Store's charts and making a nice chunk of change in the process.



boom. goes the boombox.

Upon multiple sticker packs being amongst iOS' Top Selling and Popularity charts, Apple liked our stuff enough to include our whimsical musical illustrations pack Musicomics, was highlighted and prominently featured in the Iphone 7 "Sticker Fight" spot which us officially announced Apple's big push in showing off the shiny new visual messaging features in iOS10's chat platform and content marketplace. The pack is still ranked well in the music category charts and check out the toony boombox in the spot below:

method behind the madness

Believe it or not, this project initially started as a more far out exploration in mixed reality messaging and augmenting integrated creative communication content like gifs, memes, and more in experiential fashion. We ended up doing a JCVD level pivot and distilling things down to just get a few tests out there now in the more grounded, terrestrial social media spaces and the various digital creative content markets, and what do you know, our quirky collections of cutesy heroes, awkward monsters, and funky comic characters quickly captured the twisted hearts and snarky trigger fingers of the mobile masses. 





Hello, World!

CINO / Executive Lead: Steve Heck
Interactive Direction & Design: Dan Dejos
Production Design: Richard Saguin
Motion Design: Mohammed Elberkawi
Social Media: Bridget Bogee, Schuyler Pham
Engineering Manager: Rafael Miller
Engineering & Development: Ernesto Hernandez,Jeff Gayle, Sarah Trowbridge
Product Manager: Lanie Kokas