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Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft Studios

Forza Motorsport 4


Interactive design for the ground-breaking fourth chapter for the gaming industry's most prolific AAA racing franchise: Forza Motorsport.


Forza Motorsport 4 is a racing video game developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360. It is the fourth installment in the Forza series, and one of the first AAA flagship titles to support the Kinect sensor alongside the traditional controller-based gameplay.

The game received universal acclaim from critics, media, the casual racing enthusiasts, and classic gearheads, who praised the enhanced vehicle physics, beautiful visuals, and strong sound design leading to it’s furious overtaking of the competition as the new leader in automotive racing simulators.

As part of a dedicated UI Art Team of artists, animators, and designers, we were responsible for driving the visual experience across in-game interfaces including menus and the HUD, the highly praised Autovista showroom, engaging community content, and XBox Live achievements.


360 Showroom


The first 360-degree virtual showroom of the franchise, the Autovista mode (now known as the Forzavista), allows players to get up close and personal in touring and interacting with 24+ of the world's most coveted models in a life-like interactive virtual garage.

The new immersive game mode, rolls out the red carpet for gearheads giving you the chance to inspect precise details, highlighting unique features, special engine parts, and fire up interior gauges or dashboards.

It features a partnership with BBC's Top Gear as well as its American counterpartJeremy Clarkson and James May, former co-presenters for Top Gear, provide commentary in the game's Autovista mode. Other partnerships include a two-year agreement with the American Le Mans Series (ALMS). Over 500 cars and 26 tracks are included.


In-Game Videos

World Space UI Concepts & Infographics

I was responsible for the development and design of expansive infographic packages for each individual vehicle, highlighting performance specs, unique technical features, and obscure details that were simultaneously animated over moving 3d cameras controlled by the viewer, either with gestural control via XBox Kinect or a standard analog controller.


Heads Up Display [HUD]

When it comes to immersive simulation experiences, intuitive and easily navigable interfaces are critical to ease learning curves and make the initial pickup to in-game control as simple as possible. mapping, and heads up display (hud) featuring the tachometer, speedometer, clock, feat notification, racing gauges/meters, and additional active information viewable in real-time, with first person and third person perspectives. See the videos below to see theuii & hud in action.


Control & Interaction

Evolving beyond the directional pad.


Kinect, Wheel & Simulator integration

Just prior to my time on the upcoming title, I worked with the XBox Interface & Prototyping (XIP) team responsible for the initial UI integration of the Kinect camera and it’s gestural control capabilities within the native dashboard. Forza Motorsport 4 was one of the first XBox flagship titles utilizing hand-detection and device free control to drive the in-game racing, menu & UI navigation, and 360 Autovista exploration, all in real-time.

As Forza's first title featuring the controller-free kinect gestural control, we were able to apply hand responsive control all the way from basic menuing to autovista control to actual real time control.


Achievements Iconography | Racer Badges


Lastly, as part of the xbox gamer achievements, 170+ iconic racer badges were developed which are awarded upon completing gameplay tasks and reaching specific milestones. The icons were inspired with everything from actual manufacturer branding to car/racing/gearhead culture to pop culture adding a level emotion and humor to the overall experience.

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Experience Art Director: Rory Reich
UI Art Lead: Bevin Perrine
UI Artists: Dan Dejos, Daniel Callicoat, Teras Lesko, Kaari King
Animators: Ken Carter, Dane Egenes, Ryan Lee