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Growth & Innovation Conference 2018


The diversified industrial growth giant's gathering of the minds driving real-world innovation across field technologies at the global level, including a first ever large scale hackathon – The BIG HACK.


October 15-17

Unlocking Possibility

Tektronix Campus - Portland, OR


Fortive Business Systems’(FBS) latest Growth Accelerator event brought together 200+ of the brightest minds leading engineering, production, sales, and marketing across Fortive’s family of operating companies celebrating the latest OpCo successes and industry shifting innovations.

Over the course of three days, the conference included immersive workshops, TED-style presentations, and a group tackling of some of the OpCo’s biggest challenges in the largest hackathon Fortive has ever assembled, simply called The Big Hack.


Igniting the Innovation of a Globally active OpCo

Featured speakers included guest lecturer Sandra Miller, a resident faculty member from the esteemed Singularity University, Fortive’s executive leadership panel, and some of the OpCo’s most successful leaders sharing insights and visions about the future of innovation, disruptive design-thinking, and exponential growth across global industries.



The Big Hack

Unlocking Possibility

The conference’s featured hackathon served as an activation of the company’s Growth Accelerator process, led by FBS and Innovator’s DNA, an external catalyst consultancy, to drive innovation processes and facilitate impactful ideation with emphasis on business growth and solution development.


Fortive’s first ever large scale hackathon – the BIG HACK 2018 
included 36 hours of intensive VOC, prototyping and experimenting, and rapid learning.

This event was designed to help the greater OpCo team learn and experience the Growth Accelerator process, all while helping three of the OpCo’s solve some of their biggest challenges.

200+ innovative minds, 30 teams, 3 design spaces ran hard and thought fast to create new solutions to customer pains.

The top 2 solutions from each challenge were granted the opportunity to compete on the main stage at the end of the event for direct funding and development.


Problem > Prototype > Solution

Problem Solving for Building in the Real World


The Challenge

Redesign the online sales process to increase paying users of the RSMeans Data Online solution and make the process of evaluating and getting to the decision to purchase compelling, easy, and delightful for customers.

Driving Solutions to Simplify and Enhance

Invited as a design & technologies consultant, I led three teams of 5-6 members ranging from engineering to product management to sales backgrounds, in guiding ideas through the conceptual process towards potential solutions.


Solution Maps & Wireframes


After intensive fielding of problems & pain points directly from the customer, as well as Gordian experts, we worked in identifying a series of solutions that were objective, feasible, and advancing of North America’s leading construction cost database, RSMeans Data, a data product by Gordian, one of Fortive’s newest additions to the OpCo.


Industrial Strength Innovation

Outcomes & Results

The ideation process ultimately resulted in the proposals of simplifying the product’s website experience with the integration of a conversational UI/chatbot feature aimed at automating the customer guidance and enhancing presentation —


Hi-fi concepts across device & platform


—to the design and pitching of a truly innovative mobile app targeting:

  • real-time intake of on-the-ground cost collection to expedite accurate estimate development

  • enhance productivity through team & non-local project communication functions

  • drive dynamic engagement in being able to provide convenience

  • bolster the overall value proposition of the product directly through the tiered data access and provide premium services towards easing productivity challenges


UI & IRL Mockups


Ultimately, this concept was very well received. :)


Direction & Design

Think Design Thinking


Possibility Unlocked

Looking to create an elevated presence for the event echoing the conference’s theme of Unlocking Possibility, I developed a series of visual treatments and key-art evolving the brand expressions initially developed for the event.

Focused on showing off the power, energy, and growth actualized upon unlocking innovation through connected problem solving and collective design thinking. The brightly colored graphics were applied across the website, digital backdrops, apparel, hackathon assets and conference kits.


Key Art & Styleboards


Interactive Design

Activating tools instantly accessible


Hack Helper

A responsive site optimized for mobile use for real-time access to hackathon details, challenge information, extensive VOC media, process tools and assets critical to prototype development and solution presentation.


The Big Hack website served as an invaluable tool in the solution development efforts as it allowed teams to simultaneously review Voice-of-Customer media, ingest critical challenge information, & brainstorm ideas efficiently, while saving valuable processing time towards engaging facilitators, designers, and field experts to retrieving feedback and guidance throughout the compressed timelines.

Design across the conference




Event Director / Lead Facilitator: Kirsten Paust
Executive Assistant: Stephanie Jensen
Facilitators: Glen Hamilton, Carissa Pietsch, Tim Dunston, Paul Hewitt
Gordian Experts: Kathryn Hilton, Ted Kail
Design Director / Facilitator: Dan Dejos
Photography: WonderKnack

Innovators DNA

Lead Facilitator: Curtis Lefrandt
Hackathon Designers: Devin Nakama, Dallin Kay

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