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The Wing & The Bruce Lee Foundation

A Dragon Lives Here



The newest chapter in the Wing Luke Museum & the Bruce Lee Foundation's landmark Do You Know Bruce? exhibit series celebrating Bruce Lee's influential roots and echoing presence here in Seattle.


A New Chapter

The Do You Know Bruce? exhibition series at the Wing Luke Museum provides fresh and untold perspectives on Bruce Lee’s life and his connection to the Emerald City.

Developed in partnership with Bruce Lee’s wife and daughter and the Bruce Lee Foundation, it is the only interactive exhibition, outside of Hong Kong, featuring Bruce Lee. The new exhibit opened on March 9th 2018 in Seattle, WA and will continue to display through Summer 2019.


Local hero to global superstar to timeless inspiration

The exhibit is a weaving of interconnected stories, not solely consisting of third party accounts of Bruce or the relationship of the Seattle communities he’d find himself, but also the shared writings, personal thoughts, and philosophies of fellow artists, activists, and luminaries he’s touch and influenced through his works.

Opening with Bruce's daughter and CEO of the Bruce Lee Foundation & Enterprises Shannon Lee, the contributing writers include: comedian and host of United Shades of America, W.Kamau Bell, One America executive director Rich Stoltz, rapper & artist Geo Quibuyen, Crosscut's managing editor Florangela Davis, Vanishing Seattle founder Cynthia Brothers, and infamous blogger Phil Yu.


Each contributor added to the greater experiential story through writings or poems which highlight the connections of the individual neighborhood exhibit signage and graphics, such as Lake Washington or the International District, that served as stage in Bruce's formative years here and helped shape who was to become, incubating his resounding global impact and progressive, paradigm shifting ideas that the region is celebrated for even today.  


Taking flight


Theres no question Bruce's spirit and legacy is alive and well across the consciousness of the socialverse, so we created a visually striking campaign that was built from the ground up and encompassed naming, branding, a visual design system, for both digital and traditional extensions of the campaign. 




Naming, Messaging, & ID


Community & Impact


Community & Impact



Since it’s opening in March, A Dragon Lives Here has quickly become the most successfully engaged exhibits in the museum’s history and a worthwhile destination for passionate fans, friends, and future dragons alike.

One of the most rewarding aspects since its completion has simply been visitors from just about every walk of life and nearly every corner of the globe together, both at the museum and across the social-verse. The dialogue, interaction, and sharing of personal stories and impressions since the opening has carried on and continued through the space, social media, community forums, and serves as a testament to Bruce’s powerful legacy, social impact, and ability to effect following generations beyond the flash of his fists, but also through his incredible heart and influential mind.

The involvement in the project has been an honor & privilege: working with the Wing & Bruce Lee Foundation in telling of a the greater story of who Bruce Lee was, helping bring together a diverse and eclectic community through his story, and celebrating a life whose lasting presence and indelible spirit can literally be seen and felt through those he's influenced and affected not only here in Seattle, but beyond. That’s pretty powerful. 🙏🏼




To throughly plan the exhibit, the visitor experience, and keep the path toward realizing the early ideations towards actual production, I developed and compiled a detailed guide which plotted installations, applications, visitor traffic flow, and spatial or visual media.

Early concepts & exploratory art


layout and spatial planning

Telling Bruce’s story across the space

The exhibit is a weaving of interconnected stories, not solely consisting of third party accounts of Bruce or the relationship of the Seattle communities he’d find himself, but also the shared writings, personal thoughts. 




Bruce Lee Foundation

CEO: Shannon Lee
Executive Director: Richard Grewar


Experience Direction & Design: Dan Dejos
Video / Photography: David Craig
Creative Support: Mohammed Elberkawi, Eugene So

Contributing Writers

Shannon Lee, Rich Stolz, Florangela Davila,Geo Quibuyen, Cynthia Brothers, Phil Yu

Special Guests

W.Kamau Bell, Shannon Lee, Taky Kimura

Special Thanks

Hing Hay Coworks, Jess Estrada & Jacob Boysen

The Wing Luke Museum

Deputy Executive Director: Cassie Chinn
Sponsorship / Marketing Director: Margaret Su
Marketing & Social Media: Shaun Mejia
Marketplace: Rayann Onzuka, Hanh Pham
A/V Specialist: Alex Plemitscher
Accounting: Troy Tsuchikawa
Architecture: OSKA Architects


Brandon Patoc (Alabastro Photography)


Intro Video: Andre Chow, Matt Chan

Event Sponsors & Support

Delta Airlines, Expedia, KUOW 94.9 FM, The Seattle Times